Peacock Feathers

Peacock Tail Feathers and the Ocellus

With its massive tail and iridescent colors, the peacock and their tail feathers has fascinated people for centuries and we are still learning the animal's secrets. A study recently published in the British Journal of Animal Behavior explains that when a peacock fans its ornate train of tail feathers for the female, their feathers quiver. This emits a low-frequency sound which is inaudible to humans. Depending on whether they want to attract females from a long or short distance, they can change the sound by shaking different parts of their feathers. Only the males are actually peacocks. The collective term for the bird is “peafowl.” Females are peahens and babies are peachicks.

One of our specialties is peacock tail feathers. With an assortment of lengths that come in natural, bleached tan or dyed, we are sure you'll be happy with these beautiful products. An iridescent effect is created when light passes through the round “eye” or “ocellus."

Peacocks are part of the phasianidae family, which also includes the pheasant and turkey. The color of the female is mainly brown, while the male is known for the stunning blue shades and a large, unique fan or “train” of feathers. This elaborate arrangement may contain over 100 feathers. Following mating season, the male will shed the feathers from the train. This makes it easy to amass the feathers and never touch the bird.

The male peacock sheds its tail feathers each year by the end of summer. The molting is similar to that of a snake’s skin. The detaching of the feathers is caused by hormones and transpires just after mating season. Luckily, new feathers will grow. And they will be bigger and better than before. These tail feathers make for a great addition to costumes and MSG has everything you need!

Peacock Tail Feathers


Peacock Tail Feather lengths available are 10-20", 20-30", 30-40", 40-50". Sold in bundle of 100 pieces and available in natural (shown), bleached tan or dyed colors.

Their tail feathers have a round, jewel-toned “eyespot”. They are naturally designed to be vividly shown whenever this animal spreads the feathers. When sunlight passes through the feathers, it creates an iridescent effect. 

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Peacock feather sword


Feather Sword lengths available are 10-20", 20-30", 30-40". The are sold in bundle of 100 pieces.

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Strung Peacock feather herl


Strung Feather Herl lengths are available in 5-7", 6-8", 8-10", 10-12" & 12-14". Their herls are used for arts, crafts, costumes, floral sets and much more.

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Blue Plumage - Notice the beautiful electric blue color of the feathers.

They are sold by the pound, half-pound or quarter-pound.


Gold Plumage - Also called "Peacock Pennies".

They are sold by the pound, half-pound or quarter pound.