Ostrich Feathers & Ostrich Plumes

The worldwide popularity of ostrich feathers was responsible for the birth of the "farmed" ostrich. This actually saved the ostrich species, which at one point was near extinction. The domestication of the ostrich ended the unregulated hunting of the bird, primarily for its feathers. This satisfied a large demand. The adoration of the feathers actually dates back thousands of years. Drawings and carvings indicate that the ancient Egyptians and Romans used ostrich feathers for formal dress.

Wholesale Ostrich Feathers

Display Ostrich Feathers (Drabs and Nando)

Drabs - We carry these celebrated, quality wholesale ostrich feathers in a variety of colors including white and black. The display feathers are sold by the dozen, in hundred piece lots or by the pound. Available in lengths of

  • 8-10"
  • 10-12"
  • 14-16"
  • 16-18"
  • 18-20"
  • 20-22"

Nando (or Nandu) - The lime green spear shaped ostrich feather at the bottom of this photo is referred to as a "nando" Ostrich feather. They range from about 20-25" and can be dyed in any color. Nando feathers are popular costume feathers because they are lightweight and remain firmly upright. They can be trimmed from drabs, spads, or wing plumes.

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Prime Quality Ostrich Feathers - Plumes

'Jumbo' Prime ostrich plumes are available in 20-24" and 25-28". This selection of Ostrich plumes is extra large and fluffy. 'Jumbo' Ostrich Plumes can be bleached white or dyed in virtually any color.

These are sold by the dozen or by the pound. Ideal for centerpieces, Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Bar and Bat Mitzvas, carnival costumes, fairs, football games, Mardi Gras, theater, film, Millinery, New York City parades, parties and celebrations.

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Ostrich Plumes

First Quality/Slightly Imperfect Ostrich Plumes - Feathers

These are probably your best buy in wholesale Ostrich feathers. Nice quality, full, jumbo size with a few minor imperfections. These ostrich plumes are the perfect choice for party centerpieces, costumes, home and hotel décor and much more.

The options are only limited by your imagination. These feathers are available are
 20"-24" and 25"-28" in length.

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich Feather Fringe

Our Ostrich costume feathers fringe is sold by the yard and is available in black, bleached white and ivory. The feather fringe first became popular in the roaring 1920s during the rebellious 'flapper' era. Its popularity and the variety of its uses has expanded over the decades.

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Wholesale Ostrich Feathers


Ostrich Spads

Fancy Ostrich Costume Feathers at an economical price!

Feather tips can be trimmed for a more finished look.

Size runs approximately 24-26"

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. is proud to offer a wide assortment of versatile and breathtaking ostrich feathers, ostrich plumes and ostrich feather centerpieces. We supply feathers in small and large quantities for all your special event and costume needs. We can custom dye and feather if you would like a specific color or design. There are a wide range of uses for ostrich feathers and plumes. You can get as creative as you want with our great selection of feathers and plumes. Create a colorful centerpiece for the dining room table. Or perhaps a wonderful mask great for your next costume party. And for those teachers out there, ostrich feathers are a great idea for arts and crafts. They are simple and fun for kids of all ages!

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

If the ostrich feather centerpiece will be on a table, most people prefer using an Eiffel tower vase. The taller vases work well if people are sitting at the table. This way the feathers are not blocking anyone’s views of other people directly across the table. Up to 36 feathers of different sizes will provide a spectacular look. Depending on your budget, especially if this is for an event with a large number of tables, choosing 20 feathers for each centerpiece will still be impressive. Fresh floral foam is more sensible to use than standard styrofoam. The latter could potentially damage the feather tips of ostrich feather centerpieces.

Masquerade and Carnival Masks

The creativity options for masquerade masks with ostrich feathers are endless. Due to a consistent popularity through the decades, there are widespread variations. While there are several traditional types, the mask becomes unique when feathers of different colors and sizes are added. Our carnival feathers can liven up any event or party. They are a simple addition, but can make a huge difference.

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