Turkey Feathers

Turkey Quill Feathers

Turkey Wing Quill Feathers

Turkey Quill Feathers are available in large 10-12" (about 325 pieces per pound) or extra large 12-14" (about 275 pieces per pound). We stock the 12-14" in white, black and a variety of other colors. In addition, we also carry dyed Imitation Eagle (white with black tip).

We stock 10-12" turkey quill feathers in white, black, and brown. Other colors can be dyed upon request (custom dye charges may apply.)

We also stock 12-14" dyed imitation eagle in two varieties: white with black tip and white with brown tip.

Turkey Quill Feathers

            *****NEW ITEM!*****

  Tie-Dyed Turkey Wing Quills                          12-14"

           Jerry Garcia would be proud!

  Call for available color combinations for our turkey quill feathers.

Turkey Feathers

Strung Marabou Feather Fluffs

Strung marabou feather fluffs are available in the following sizes: 3-4", 4-5", 5-6" or 6-7".

These feathers are stocked in white, but can be dyed any color including pink as shown above, or in custom two-tone color combinations.

Turkey Feathers

Short Marabou Feather Fluffs

Short Marabou Feather Fluffs range in size from approximately 2-4." These feathers are quite fluffy and available in white, black and numerous other colors.

Turkey Feathers

 Long Marabou Feather Fluffs

Long Marabou Feather Fluffs range in size from about 4-8". Most of the feathers are full and fluffy, but some feathers have heads on top as seen in the above image. These feathers are stocked in white, black and a variety of colors.

Turkey Feathers  

T-Base (Turkey Plumage) Feathers and   T-Flats Feathers

T-Flat feathers (shown above at top) are approximately 4-7" and are stocked in white, black and a variety of other colors.

T-Base feathers (above at bottom) are approximately 3-5" and have a slight curve, as opposed to T-Flats, which are straight. These feathers are available in white, black and several other colors.


                  Turkey Feathers 

           Natural Light Mottled & Dark Mottled, White-Topped (T-Flats)

   Turkey Feathers 

       Strung Chinchilla T-Base (Turkey Plumage)


M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. is proud to offer a wide assortment of beautifully soft turkey feathers in various sizes and colors. We supply turkey feathers and turkey quill feathers in small and large quantities for all your special event and costume needs. Wild turkeys are covered with dark feathers, which help them blend into their woodland environment. Since these turkey feathers are then more dark in complexion, we have the ability to custom dye any feather. If you would like a specific color or design, please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate. 

If you have questions about our products, please call us today at (631) 234-7722.

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