Carnival Feathers

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. has years of experience providing wholesale ostrich feathers and plumes to customers across the country. We are a family-owned wholesale feather business that was founded in 1910 and have a 15,000 square foot warehouse that is filled with fancy feathers for the choosing. Our feathers have a great many uses, including being used in masquerade masks and in carnivals. This sort of feather has a long and storied history and has popped up in various ways throughout the years. Carnivals have taken on various meanings, but feathers have been a part of the festivities throughout. 

Carnival Feathers Used For Masks

The idea of the masks with carnival feathers began centuries ago with the introduction of masquerade balls, in which all who attend wear the masks and costumes. The Carnival of Venice in particular is a famous annual event in Italy where similar masks are prominent. And over the years, these masks have evolved and developed in countries around the world. All putting their own style and flavor to the masks.

One of the masks that are usually decorated with carnival feathers is the Columbina. While it doesn’t cover the entire face, there are usually gems and ostrich plumes attached. The original idea for this mask came from a character in an Italian theater who did not want to cover her entire face. A less stunning looking mask, though recognizable, is the Medico della Peste. This is the one known for the large, beak-like nose. Prior to use in masquerades, it was first used by a doctor in the 17th century to protect himself from airborne diseases. Zanni is another face-covering with a long nose with The volto (or "larva") mask is basically simple and white, though is usually embellished with paint, gemstones, feathers or plating. A similar mask is the moretta, although it is black and is not normally seen with any ostrich feathers and was traditionally held in place by the mouth.

Carnival Feathers Distributor

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. is a trusted supplier and distributor of a wide range of feathers. In our warehouse, we have a great selection of carnival feathers that provide for a wide range of applications. All of our feathers are available at a wholesale rate and can be shipped around the country. If you're interested in any of our feathers and would like more information, please contact us today. If you are interested in these sorts of feathers for your next party or craft project, please give us a call at 631-234-7722 today. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of the feathers featured on our site.