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Wholesale Peacock Feathers For Sale

M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc provides customers across the country with a great selection of wholesale peacock feathers for sale. These feathers are great for a variety of different applications and uses, such as with costumes and part of art and crafts. And by supplying you with a selection of wholesale peacock feathers, we hope you can purchase an amount for whatever you need!

These wholesale peacock feathers make for a great addition to costumes and crafts. We are a wholesale supplier who has a great selection of affordable feathers to choose from. Check out our full selection of peacock feathers below.

Types Of Peacock Feathers

Peacock Tail Feathers

Peacock Tail Feathers

Lengths available are 10-20", 20-30", 30-40", 40-50". Sold in bundle of 100 pieces and available in natural (shown), bleached tan or dyed colors.

Peacock tail feathers have a round, jewel-toned “eyespot”. They are naturally designed to be vividly shown whenever this animal spreads or fans his tail. When sunlight passes through the feathers, it creates an iridescent effect.

Peacock tail feathers are also known as the "train" and have not only quill feathers, but also elongated upper tail coverts. Interesting fact: peacock tail feathers will fall off by the end of summer, but eventually grow back seven months later. This corresponds to the peacock's mating season. And each time they grow back, they return longer and fuller.

Peacock Feathers

Feather Swords

Lengths available are 10-20", 20-30", 30-40". The are sold in bundle of 100 pieces.

Our peacock feather swords can come in a variety of sizes. We can custom design these feathers based on your exact specifications. These feathers are great for decorating and are always in season. They are also great accessories for arts and crafts projects and can liven up classroom art by kids.

Wholesale Peacock Feathers


Strung Feather Herl

Lengths are available in 5-7", 6-8", 8-10", 10-12" & 12-14." Their herls are used for:

  • arts
  • crafts
  • costumes
  • floral sets
  • and much more!

See our gallery for examples of wholesale peacock feather projects. Draw some inspiration for yourself! Our feathers can be used in an assortment of creative and fun ways. Either as accessories to costumes or decorations around the house.

Peacock Feathers


Blue Plumage

Notice the beautiful electric blue color of the peacock feathers.

They are sold by the pound, half-pound or quarter-pound. Spruce up your costume or house with these feather accessories. Great for arts and crafts, as well. 

Peacock Tail Feathers


Gold Plumage

Also called "Peacock Pennies."

They are sold by the pound, half-pound or quarter pound. Great for an assortment of uses, either as decorations or accessories to costumes. 

Wholesale Peacock Feathers Variety

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Inc. is proud to offer a wide assortment of bright and lovely peacock feathers for sale. These feathers are available in various sizes and colors. We are a wholesale peacock feather supplier and specialize in small and large quantities for all your special event and costume needs. Also, these feathers are perfect for arts and crafts and other fun projects. We can custom dye any feather if you would like a specific color or design. Our expert staff is great at making your purchase and ordering experience as convenient as can possibly be.

Information About Peacocks

Peacocks are part of the phasianidae family, which also includes the pheasant and turkey. The color of the female is mainly brown, while the male is known for the stunning blue shades and a large, unique fan or “train” of feathers. This elaborate arrangement may contain over 100 feathers. Following mating season, the male will shed the feathers from the train. This makes it easy to amass the feathers and never touch the bird. No peacocks are harmed in the gathering of their feathers.

The male peacock sheds its tail feathers each year by the end of summer. The molting is similar to that of a snake’s skin. The detaching of the feathers is caused by hormones and transpires just after mating season. Luckily, new feathers will grow. And they will be bigger and better than before. What does this information about peacocks have to do with the wholesale peacock feathers we have in stock? Well, nothing, but it is always nice to learn new things!

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