Rooster Feathers

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feathers has a great selection of wholesale rooster feathers. All of our feathers are available at a wholesale rate. We have years of experience providing high quality feathers to customers across the country.

What is a Rooster?

Sometimes there is confusion with identifying the chicken, hen and rooster. The rooster is the adult male chicken. An adult female chicken is called a "hen." When compared to a hen, roosters are larger and typically more brightly colored. They also have larger combs on the tops of their heads. They can fly, too, but not very well due to their weight. They can only fly for roughly 60 meters at a time, or 200 feet.

Roosters also have a bad sense of smell and taste. However, they have great hearing. Oftentimes, you can see them scratching and clawing at the ground in an effort to look for food. As an omnivore, their diet consists of a wide variety of items, including:

  • worms
  • fruit
  • grain
  • seeds
  • insects
  • snails
  • acorns
  • slugs

They are known for their "crowing" as well as for being a part of many religious beliefs including Judaism and Hinduism. Several cultures view the rooster as a sacred animal. Roosters have a lifespan of around 15 years, but have been around on earth for 5,000 years! At this point, roosters are mostly domesticated and can be found on every continent, except for Antarctica. 

Nationwide Rooster Feather Supplier

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