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Kids Crafting Feathers

Feathers hold a fascination for children of all ages and M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc has a great selection of wholesale feathers that are perfect for a variety of kids crafts. There are many types of feathers that are great for kids crafts. You can try smaller spotted feathers, unique duck or pheasant feathers, dramatic ostrich or peacock feathers or neutral turkey feathers. Whether the feathers have their natural color or have been dyed, kids love crafting with feathers. From our dyed turkey quill feathers to the extravagant peacock feathers, get the perfect feathers for kids craft projects. There are so many wonderful craft projects you can do with feathers with kids.

Feathers are a beautiful and gentle item to use for crafts, which is great for kids since there is no need to worry about a child hurting themself crafting with a feather. And on the whole, feather crafts for kids are so cute and creative and the final product will be something special and memorable.

Best Types of Feathers for Kids Crafts

There are many kinds of feathers that are great for kids crafts. Here is a list of some of the best crafting feathers for kids:

  • Colored duck quill feathers: These are long and thin feathers that come in different colors. They are good for making windsocks, wall hangings, necklaces, earrings, and more.
  • Natural duck quill feathers: These feathers are similar to colored duck quill feathers, but they have their own natural color and pattern. They are good for making realistic birds, turkeys, peacocks, and more.
  • Peacock Feathers: Perfect for DIY feathers and flower arrangements and centerpieces for anniversaries, weddings, and more.
  • Colored feathers: These feathers are fluffy and soft and come in different colors. They are great for making chicks, owls, monsters, fans, pens, and more.
  • Natural feathers: These are similar to colored feathers, but they have their natural color and pattern. They are good for making collages, sculptures, ornaments, and more.
  • White feathers: White feathers can be used for any craft and are perfect for making angels, snowflakes, swans, and more.
  • Dotted feathers: Dotted feathers are simply white feathers with colorful dots on them. Use them for making party hats, pompoms, flyers, and more.

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