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Ostrich Feathers BulkStart buying your ostrich feathers in bulk! MSG Feathers makes buying feathers affordable! We offer low, wholesale prices for all of the feathers in our inventory. And despite being located in New York, we are a nationwide distributor of feathers. So no matter where you are located, if you need ostrich feathers in bulk, we have you covered! For more information about our selection of feathers, please give us a call today at 631-234-7722. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for your order. Start shopping and saving today!

Great Selection of Feathers

We proudly offer a wide range of wholesale ostrich feathers. We have two different types of display ostrich feathers to choose from: drabs and nandos. Drabs are a celebrated type of feather that is available in many different colors. They are sold by the dozen, in hundred piece lots, or by the pound. And they are offered in many different lengths. From 8-10″ all the way through 20-22″ and everything in between. Then there is the nando, which is a spear-shaped ostrich feather. This means this feather is a little narrower than a regular feather. These feathers can be dyed any color, are lightweight, and remain firmly upright. All details that make this feather perfect for costumes! They can be trimmed from drabs, spads, or wing plumes.

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M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc is a nationwide distributor of wholesale feathers. We offer people a great selection of feathers that is available at low, affordable rates. So if you need to buy ostrich feathers in bulk, we are your supplier! For more information about our selection of feathers, please reach out to us today.

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We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have about our inventory. The number for our office is 631-234-7722. When you call, we can go over the various pricing details when ordering our ostrich feathers in bulk. You will see the saving of wholesale purchasing. So please, call today and get those feathers!