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Strung Peacock Feather Herls For Sale

Wholesale Distributor of Peacock Feathers

At M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather, we sell strung peacock feather herls. Among many other types of feathers, too. All at low, wholesale prices. We offer these strung peacock feather herls in various lengths. Among the lengths available are:

  • 5-7"
  • 6-8"
  • 8-10"
  • 10-12"
  • 12-14"

We are a wholesale distributor of wholesale peacock feathers and their subsequent feather herls. We scour the world to find the best in fancy feathers. And are dedicated in supplying our customers with the best in wholesale feathers. We distribute to customers across the United States, as well as internationally.

Contact Us

For more information about all of the types of feathers we sell, please reach out to us today. The number to call for our offices is: 631-234-7722. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our array of feather products for sale. When you call, we can also go over our various pricing options available to you. We go above and beyond to ensure affordable wholesale pricing for any of the available peacock feathers we have for sale.

What Are Feather Herls?

Feather herls are loose peacock herl fibers get been stitched together at the base. This keeps them aligned and organized. In general, a peacock herl is a brilliant metallic green hue. Which is a completely natural color with reflective quality. Peacock feather herls are a staple for fly tying, feather art, and craft purposes. Other common uses for these herls are for feather earrings, feather masks, feather hair weaves, and feather chokers, headbands, hat bands, and other feathered accessories. As well as arts, crafts, costumes, floral sets and more!

When it comes to using these herls, not all fibers are useful. However, when you order wholesale, you get bulk packaging that is sure to match you needs. And if you need inspiration on how to best use these herls, be sure to check out our gallery. You will see all sorts of examples of wholesale peacock feather projects. You can use these herls in an assortment of fun and creative ways!