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M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc has years of experience in the feather industry and has a great selection of costume feathers in their inventory. These feathers are perfect for Mardi Gras parties and hat bands. But you can also use them for any array of other DIY projects and costume ideas. One common type of costume idea is for women to dress up from the 1920's time period. It is always a great costume and we have the feathers to match!

We are a direct importer of decorative and fancy feathers and proudly have a great selection of feathers in our inventory. For more information about these types of large costume feathers for sale, please reach out to us today. We welcome all sized orders, as our wholesale rates make any purchase affordable. Please call 631-234-7722 to speak to a customer service representative and we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of feathers. Get some inspiration and use our colorful ostrich feathers on your next costume project! We proudly ship to clients nationwide and have our feathers available at great, wholesale rates.

Costume FeathersFeathers For Hat Bands

Feathers are a perfect addition to a wide variety of fun costumes. Most notably they are used in a hat as part of a hat band. If you are planning on being a cowboy, grab a hat and put a feather in it. It is a stylish way to decorate your hat, all the while being authentic to the era. Then there is the Flapper culture of the 1920s. It was in vogue to wear a hat with a band of feathers wrapped around it.

Feather boas were also prominently featured during that time period and would be a worthy accessory to a costume for that time. We have a great selection of these boas for sale. All at wholesale prices.

Large Costume Feathers Available

When you turn to MSG Feathers, you have the ability to purchase large costume feathers. From ostrich feathers to peacock feathers, to traditional feather boas, we sell feathers to match many different fun costume ideas. Large costume feathers are perfect for those outfits that insist on being bold!

We work with many clients who are creative and our feathers mesh perfectly with their DIY projects. Our large feathers make for great accessories on costumes and other party elements. Get the exact feathers you want when you turn to us!

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M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc has a great selection of ostrich feathers that can be used as wonderful and inventive costume feathers. Events and places around the globe use ostrich feathers in their events. One of the most popular ones are Mardi Gras feathers. The colorful options we provide are great to enhance any party decor or costume. Choose from different styles to make your costume feathers and eventual outfit standout from the crowd. We can even custom dye many of our costume feathers if you are looking for a specific color or design. We enjoy going above and beyond for our customers and help them with all of their feather needs!

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