Mardi Gras Feathers

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. carries feathers from various species of birds that can liven up any Mardi Gras festivities. If you need the right pieces for a costume or decoration, we have the perfect Mardi Gras feathers for any occasion. Traditional feather costumes and masks require the brightest and most colorful materials to really bring out the New Orleans themed aesthetic. We carry a wide assortment of products, including feather boas, feather hatbands and feather centerpieces for any event. And we proudly ship our feathers nationwide, so no matter where your party is, we have the capability of getting you your feathers.

Mardi Gras Facts

Mardi Gras is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and means "Fat Tuesday" in French. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which is a forty day period of fasting before Easter. So, Mardi Gras is essentially the last time to eat and drink whatever you want. Countries around the world celebrate Mardi Gras, too, but just as different times of the year. And in some countries it is also known as "pancake day." 

The official colors of Mardi Gras are purple, gold and green. So, when pinpointing on what types of feathers you want to help celebrate the occasion, it would be nice if they matched the colors of the festivities. The colors are not for any old reason, no, they all represent something:

  • Purple signifies justice
  • Gold stands for power
  • Green represents faith

The home of Mardi Gras (in the United States at least) is considered New Orleans, but it has a widespread grasp that reaches all parts of the country. What can I say, Americans like to party! Don't be left out next time Mardi Gras rolls around. Be prepared with our wide selection of quality feathers.

Get In The Party Spirit With Mardi Gras Feathers

Mardi Gras is a festive time of the year and the first New Orleans parade to celebrate it took place in 1837 with the floats beginning 20 years later in 1857. Feathers can make for a wonderful clothing accessory to help take part in any celebrations. Liven up your looks with colorful feathers. Great for homemade accessories, such as scarves or feather boas. You can even make a fun necklace! The possibilities are almost endless. Tap into your creative side this Mardi Gras season and purchase some feathers from us! We have a great selection of feathers that are perfect for many different types of parties and events.

Nationwide Supplier of Mardi Gras Feathers

M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feathers is a trusted name in the feather industry and ship our feathers nationwide. We have years of experience supplying feathers to those across the country. Our professional and courteous customer service allows us to find your the highest quality products to suit all your feathered needs. Our Mardi Gras feathers are available at great, wholesale pricing. If you are looking for a specific product or do not see what you want on our website, please contact us today. The number to call us at is (631) 234-7722. We will answer any question or concerns you may have about our selection of feathers.