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Peacock Feather Swords For Sale

peacock feather swordsM Schwartz and Gettinger have years of experience as a wholesale supplier of feathers, which includes peacock feather swords for sale. These feather swords come in a variety of sizes. The lengths available include:

  • 10-20"
  • 20-30"
  • 30-40"

All of the peacock feather swords are sold in bundle of 100 pieces. Making wholesale purchases simple and easy. On top of the wholesale pricing, custom designs are also available. We can design these feather swords to meet your exact specifications. These feathers are easily curled, just like how you might curl a ribbon. Of course, these feathers may vary in shape and size and there might be some imperfections on the feather, since they are real, natural feathers.

Peacock feather swords are perfect for decorating and are always in style. These feathers have a beautiful iridescent green glow that makes them coveted for many projects. They also make for great accessories for arts and crafts projects. You can also easily cut peacock feather swords for projects requiring the smaller eye without the additional stem length.

Natural peacock sword feathers are beautiful, unique feathers that are perfect for use as a crafting material or as an earring component. This is because these feathers have a spine that is stiff, but still slightly flexible at the top. Perfect for use as accent feathers for flower arrangements and creating centerpieces.

Get these feather swords to liven up classroom art by kids! Also use these feathers for jewelry, costumes, weddings and other special occasions. They can add a fancy element to your setting and do so at an affordable price! Due to how versatile these feathers are, they are a popular item for many reasons. See why by ordering in bulk today!

Wholesale Feather Supplier

Our large warehouse, which is located in West Babylon, New York, is filled to the brim with fancy feathers. Including a great selection of peacock feather swords. M Schwartz & Gettinger is your 'one-stop shopping' wholesale feather source. Tap into your creative side and make a colorful feather clothing accessory or decoration for the house! Our craft feathers can be utilized for a wide range of occasions! The possibilities are endless when it comes to using our feathers. The only mainstay is the price. With our wholesale pricing options, you can buy in bulk and save more.

At M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather, we search the world for all types of fancy feathers. And we only select the finest quality feathers available. Our staff is dedicated to supplying our customers with top quality feathers at fair prices. Over the years, we have satisfied customers in the United States and throughout the world. Buy our selection of craft and fancy feathers in bulk! Affordable and cheap pricing is available when you buy our peacock feather swords wholesale.

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For more information about our selection of feathers, please reach out to our office today. The number for our office is 631-234-7722. When you call, we can provide you with more information regarding our selection of fancy feathers. Get great, wholesale pricing when you turn to M Schwartz & Gettinger Feather! From peacock feather swords to feather boas, to ostrich plumes and much more! Get the types of feathers you need!